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Training And Development

Till recent times organizations believed in hiring the best talents available in the markets to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization as well as to compete in the global markets but in the recent past we are able to see and sense drastic changes in the approach and outlook of the organizations changed towards its Human Resources. Now organizations not only believe in taping & hiring the best talents available but also strongly believe in building the capabilities and enhancing their technical, managerial and behavioral competencies to facilitate in achieving the goals and also to optimize the Human Resource Utilization levels.

In this context, being highly sensitive to the changing market needs and client expectations.  We are happy to inform you that, JOB INFO extends in operations into the areas of Training & Development. The few areas, which we handle as apart of our   T & D operations, are such as,


·        Personal Effectiveness
·        Managerial Effectiveness
·        Communication Skills
·        Time Management
·        Team Building
·        Supervisory Development programme
·        Leadership Development programme
·        HR concepts for non HR people
·        Finance for the non Finance people
·        Customer Service/Care

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